On the market since 2010, Engistrong is specialized in Civil Construction and Public Works, particularly in formwork and armor. With a Strong presence in the French market has been conducting projects in several areas, from infrastructure, housing, services, transport or trade. The experience, quality, safety and compliance that Engistrong has showned in each work had made it earned the trust of the contruction sector and a balanced growth.
With six years of existence, Engistrong is present in the market showing strength and security.
Raised on the knowledge and skills of its founders, the company found in the two decades of experience in the construction industry of Fernando Amaral and the capacities of administration and the fluency as a communicator in French of Nathalie Pereira, a robustness that has allowed it to grow steadily increasing both in Portugal and France.
Thanks to the quality of the presented and through great dedication work of two managing partners, the company managed in a short time to impose itself in a highly competitive market.
As a company of Construction and Public Works, Engistrong devoted mainly to the implementation structures, specializes in formwork and armor, commonly known as the “mass” of a work.
Committed to earn a place in the market, the company, based in Esposende tried from the beginning to evidence by their responsiveness, running each project with quality and compliance with all safety standards, guaranteeing delivery times. This way of working is essential to consolidate a position in the market and gradually create a well-diversified portfolio.

Entrepreneurs are those who understand that there is little difference between obstacles and opportunities, and are able to turn both into advantages.


At the present, the company is focused into the french market, where performes works of various kinds, from infrastructure and trans-sized buildings for services and trade and even housing. Engistrong participated in the construction of the Water treatment plant and waste in Saint Cyr L’Ecole, and was adding projects, such like, the Chamber of Commerce of Lille, LGV Line that makes the Tours-Bordeaux link, the IKEA Store in Clermont Ferrand, the EDF’s offices in Paris, the Hospital and Clinic of Melun, the Banque de France in Sainghain en Mélantois, and the Nanterre Stadium, among others.
Strongly oriented to build Aeolian parks, where we already have a wide range of our portfolio in Portugal and France, we are proud to know that when we finish a job, customers will continue to rely on us for the next job. Many of the projects that came, were followed by showned work in previous constructions.

In fact, the best business card of the company has been its responsiveness and its way of working. The work that we are been developing, what we are capable of, the fact that we are doers and our capacity of solving problems are key aspects for opportunities to arise and that could mark our presence out there.

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy.


“Portugal is not strategy, it is essential”

With multiple jobs running across the country, especially in Porto and Lisbon, Engistrong gave their contribution to the implementation of projects such as the Mother and Child North Centre, the Arts Center of EDP in Lisbon, the Logistics Platform in Valongo, REN Substation Vermoim, Maia, the Marão Tunnel, Viaduct of Corgo (Vila Real) and the New Oxygen Production Unit in Maia – Porto, among others.

Currently, we have also constructions in Saudi Arabia (riad subway line) and in Ivory Coast with the ambition to win new international markets. We want to further consolidate our position and create a structure that allows us to reach other markets safer.
With sustainable steps toward a balanced growth, it has been one of the major strategies of the company, whose positive development has been recognized through the award of PME Leader status. Currently committed to the completion of the quality management certification process according to ISO 9001: 2015.

A little internationalization departs us from our country, a lot takes us back to it.


With a team of over 80 people, Engistrong has the support of experienced and dedicated collaboraters. We do not understand an employee as just another person, each one for his knowledge, brings a distinct contribution to the business. The esforce made to the company, the value of the commitment and ensure that everyone feels part of the team. We demand that each one gives their best, but we are aware that when they feel well, satisfied and happy with the company, they respond to challenges with enthusiasm and dedication. They are the people who make the company and we have no doubt that the success is due to the strength of the team.

Working as a team is to ensure that individual effort is directed to the triumph of the group…

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